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An intriguing music documentary about world-traveled composer and conductor Joel Thome, ‘Inside The Perfect Circle’ provides a close personal look at Thome’s career and philosophy. He collaborated extensively with Frank Zappa and was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  He composed the music to Pablo Picasso’s only play, Catch Desire By the Tail, and completed many other projects furthering modern music.  After suffering a debilitating stroke in 1998, Thome lost the use of his left arm and was forced to undergo years of recovery.

Using music as a resource for healing, he was able to resume composing and returned to the stage to perform his graphically notated mandala scores. The performance was featured at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City in September 2009.

Sound tracked by the Scorchio Quartet, the film is filled with modern music captured live, emanating a meditative and serene sonic backdrop.  Meanwhile, the mandala paintings of abstract artist Harry C. Doolittle swell in the background, assembling and deconstructing on a big screen in sync to the live concert.  The documentary includes rehearsal footage, interviews with musicians, colleagues, and performers, archival video, and performance footage. The journey of Joel Thome is an unusual story of dedication, love, and unquestionable genius; the story of a composer who constantly strived to break the mold and explore uncharted territories in music and in life.

PRESSKIT Inside The Perfect Circle


Produced and Directed by Chris Pepino for True Form Pictures.


**Photo of Joel Thome and Frank Zappa by Peter Vidor.