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An exhibition of rare importance, MICHELANGELO AND HIS WORLD: with drawings from the British Museum, will open and the Pierpont Morgan Library, in New York, on April 26, 1979, and remain on view through July 28, 1979.

Michelangelo is among the earliest of the great artists whose collected drawings enable us to retrace the stages of his creativity. Some preliminary studies for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are included in the exhibition. Highlights of MICHELANGELO AND HIS WORLD are seventeen double-sided drawings by Michelangelo which will be mounted to reveal both sides of the works, many of which have not been shown before.

Chosen from a wealth of Renaissance material, will include drawings by such masters as Raphael, Tintoretto and Veronese; letters and documents by Titian, Cellini and Pope Clement VII; and correspondence by members of the Medici family with whom Michelangelo’s life was inextricably linked. (Carole Sorell spearheaded this project as Senior Vice President at Ruder & Finn.)