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“Mexico has a culture of its own of which we are all proud.  From fathers to sons, from grandmothers to granddaughters, our national identity is recreated.  We shall never forego the wisdom our people have treasured and profited from throughout the centuries.  Knowledge of other civilizations enriches us. Sharing humanity’s efforts toward peace and progress stimulates in us awareness of what is Mexican, and of our contributions to the world’s cultural legacy.”  Carlos Salinas De Gortari, president of Mexico

New York, August 16 1990 – – Mexico, a Work of Art: Music, a series of concerts and recitals opening with an introduction to the unique Mexican baroque and renaissance repertoire and featuring a festival of music by modern Mexican masters, will be presented in major New York cultural spaces from mid-October, 1990 through mid-January, 1991.

The series is the musical component of Mexico: a Work of Art, a sweeping celebration program organized by the Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts, along with three government ministries, to coincide with the exhibition, Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.